How do residents benefit from this utility?
Many of our subdivisions had to pay through their homeowners association or Metro District for the maintenance of certain drainage facilities. This cost will now go through the Town and will assist those agencies in this responsibility, which was a potentially large liability for homeowners associations. With the Town providing assistance, the cost is spread out more.

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1. What gives the Town the authority to charge me the stormwater fee?
2. Does this fee have to be paid by non-profit or governmental entities?
3. How do residents benefit from this utility?
4. How was the fee determined?
5. What is impervious area?
6. For commercial properties, how was impervious area determined?
7. Why do I have to pay the fee when I have already been required to have on-site detention on my commercial property?
8. As a commercial property owner, what do I do if I don’t agree with the calculation of the impervious area on the property?
9. What if I refuse to pay my bill?