Municipal Court

If you need assistance, including language or interpreter services, please contact the court at

Jury Service Information

How do I check to find out if I should report for jury duty on the date I’ve been summoned? Please call 303.805.3195 after 5:00 p.m. the night before the appearance date to find out if you are to attend. 

The jury system is an integral part of the court process in Colorado. The opportunity to serve on a jury allows you to become better informed about your courts and the law. Our citizens’ involvement in this process is essential to the preservation of our justice system.

Colorado State law protects a juror’s job. (Colorado Revised Statutes 13-71-134).

Each juror that does not serve on a jury will be given $3.00 pursuant to Parkers Municipal Code. If you would like to donate the money,  we can give you that information when you are dismissed. Those chosen for jury service will receive $6.00, and, again, this money may be donated.

Town Prosecutor

The Town Prosecutor is the prosecuting attorney representing the Town of Parker and prosecuting the cases before the Court.  

The Town Prosecutor is only available during the times when court is in session. Your case must be scheduled during a court session in order to meet with the Town Attorney. If you received a penalty assessment ticket, you will not have an opportunity to speak with the Town Attorney.


If your class is not offered in person, you may complete the class online.  A certificate for either the in-person or online class is required. For more information, contact the Municipal Court at 303.805.3195.

About Parker Municipal Court

The Parker Municipal Court processes Town of Parker and Town of Foxfield misdemeanor and traffic offenses. The Court also processes court-ordered community service and classes.

Parker & Foxfield Summons Information

The Parker Municipal Court hears both Parker and Foxfield summons. Parker misdemeanor and non-electronic traffic summons are yellow and Foxfield summons are pink. Both Parker and Foxfield penalty assessment summons may be paid online.

Attorneys appearing in the court may fax their entry to 303.805.3126 or you may email the Court your entry. If you received a blue or green summons, you will need to contact Douglas County Court at 720.437.6200.

State of Colorado Model Traffic Code

The Town of Parker has adopted the 2010 State of Colorado Model Traffic Code with some amendments.

Request for Discovery

If you are a defendant, an attorney representing a defendant, or the authorized parent/guardian of a juvenile defendant and would like a copy of any initial documentation, please contact the Parker Police Department.

As these are records that fall under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act and certain information may be prohibited from disclosure to non-parties, please provide a copy of a government issued photo identification to confirm your identity, or if you are an attorney representing the defendant, please submit the completed form along with a copy of your Entry of Appearance.  

By law, certain information may be protected and/or prohibited from disclosure. Therefore, any documents and/or information provided may include redactions.

All law enforcement records must be requested directly from the involved law enforcement agency.  As provided for by law, there may be costs associated with production of documents requested from a law enforcement agency.  

Parker Police Department records may be requested by email, mail, fax, or hand-delivering the above linked request form along with a copy of your ID to the Parker Police Department at:  

Town of Foxfield records can be requested through the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office at:

Criminal histories may be requested directly through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation at:

Motor vehicle records may be requested through the Department of Motor Vehicles at:

If your case has been referred to Collections, please contact Integral Recoveries directly at 1.866.528.6886 or

Usted debera contactar a Integral Recoveries, Inc. a:Para opciones de pagos electronicos: visite