Stormwater Utility Background and Fees


As more of the ground area in Parker is covered by homes, businesses, roads and parking lots, stormwater runoff has become a serious issue. Drainage facilities must be provided to protect properties from damage. The water quality in our creeks must also be protected to keep excess nutrients and harmful pollutants from damaging the environment.

In the past, drainage facilities such as detention ponds, channels, storm inlets and sewers have been the responsibility of each subdivision or commercial property owner, usually through the Homeowners' Association or Metro District or by adjacent property owners. Citizens appealed to the Town to assist in this financially burdensome responsibility.

Task Force

In response to that request, the Town Council formed a task force consisting of citizens representing different areas and interests to study the issue. The citizens' task force recommended formation of a stormwater utility funded by a fee to assist these activities.

Action Taken

The Town Council then proposed legislation in April 1999 which was discussed extensively at several public meetings and publicized in the local newspapers and the Town Newsletter. After that discussion period, Council passed an ordinance in July 1999 creating the new Stormwater Utility. Fees collected from each residence and business will provide funding to pay for the following services:

  • Construction of new and required drainage improvements
  • Maintenance of existing eligible drainage facilities
  • Monitoring and safeguarding stormwater quality
  • Planning for, designing and constructing regional drainage improvements in cooperation with Urban Drainage and Flood Control District.

Additional Information

For current stormwater fee, billing and payment information, view the frequently asked questions. Please feel free to email Stormwater Billing or call 303.841.0353 with questions.