Renewal Application

The State will send a Renewal Application approximately 60 to 90 days before the expiration of the current license. The Renewal Application and fees are due to the Town of Parker on or before 45 days before the expiration of the current license. A reminder email may be sent by the Town Clerk’s office if the renewal application is late.

Required Forms

  • DR 8400, Retail Liquor License Renewal Application form (State Liquor Forms)
  • DR 8495, Tax Check Authorization, Waiver and Request to Release Information form (State Liquor Forms
  • Certificate of Good Standing from Colorado Secretary of State

Tips and Helpful Information

  • The fees to the State can be paid on their Online Payment Portal link: Please include a copy of the receipt with your Renewal Application.
  • If your lease expiration date has passed, you will need to provide a lease extension or other documentation which shows control of premises.
  • Your fees to the Town of Parker are $100.00 for the Annual Renewal Application Fee and an amount for the Retail License Fee which depends on the type of license. The Retail License Fee can be found on the DR 8500, Fee Schedule (State Liquor Forms) under the type of license and “Local Fee City”.
  • Sales tax must be current with the Town and the State before the Renewal Application will be processed.