Innovate with Collaborative Governance

Parker employs a high-quality dedicated workforce to support transparency, accountability, and fiscal sustainability by using innovative techniques to optimize performance. We engage in regional relationships, including our education, fire, water providers, and other governmental agencies and partnerships.


Innovative techniques allow us to bring forth new ideas to our community and work together to solve regional problems. Parker continually researches new techniques to find the best strategies for effective service delivery. We continue to evaluate our services for efficiency. New performance tools and innovative budgeting techniques are the result of successful collaborations with staff and area partners. These tools give us perspective on our progress and feedback on how we can continually improve.

Our departments innovate together to provide the highest quality services for our community. Working as a team allows for the best sharing of information and lets us jointly guide critical decisions, as well as provide effective and timely responses to our customers. We actively partner with our community to ensure we are meeting their needs efficiently. Positive relationships with our surrounding communities and regional leaders are important building blocks for effective governing.

We promote the research and development of innovative tools with which to serve our residents and stakeholders. We are committed to continual evaluation and improvement of our services. We promote a responsive, transparent governing structure to support these goals and encourage active public engagement, response and feedback.

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