Promote a Safe and Healthy Community

Parker will promote the wellbeing of our community by protecting our residents’ welfare through prevention services and a safe transportation network. Parker fosters a feeling of personal safety and security through a visible, responsive public safety presence and a proactive focus on prevention, intervention and safety education.


 We are a regional leader for safety prevention and education, and have gained national attention for proactive programs focused on the safety and health of our community. We support a stable and connected community by ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents. Having a hometown feel means that our community looks out for one another as neighbors, which is a quality Parker will maintain even as it expands its boundaries.

Risk mitigation and management are top priorities for us, as well as community preparedness and resiliency. We provide proactive educational programs and serve as an active partner in crime prevention. Acting as a regional model for emergency preparedness, Parker provides critical training opportunities that allow our residents to be active partners in their community’s safety and health. We protect the integrity of our neighborhoods through active community policing and minimizing the impact of hazards through code enforcement.

We work to ensure the stability of our streets and stormwater engineering to protect the well-being of our roads and neighborhoods. We optimize the efficiency of our traffic signals and signs to help support stable infrastructure. We are committed to providing a reliable day-to-day transportation network for business and residents. The Town protects our residents through responsible infrastructure development and planning, and proactively educates our staff and community.

  1. Performance Measures