Support an Active Community

Parker will demonstrate our commitment to balanced growth, community development and infrastructure using a visionary plan for a sustainable future. We support a healthy, future-focused community with exceptional services and a hometown feel. Parker supports well planned development and excellent infrastructure.


Parker’s parks and recreational opportunities are often ranked among our community’s most valuable assets. Parker is home to state-of-the-art recreational facilities and parks. Acting as partners in community wellness, we support lifelong recreation opportunities and amenities both indoors, including our fitness activities, multi-use trails and beautiful open spaces.

We strive to be an area leader not only through our recreational amenities, but through our support of an active and connected community. Through regional partnerships, we maintain and develop multi-use trails and open spaces, which continue to be a priority. We support the development of bike lanes to allow for alternative modes of transportation. Our neighborhoods are walkable and accessible which contributes to our goal of being a connected, active community. Developing aesthetically pleasing and interactive parks is a priority for us. We support ecologically efficient practices for the protection of a healthy, local ecosystem.

  1. Performance Measures