Customer Service Standards

Hometown Friendliness

Customers are the most important part of our job. We treat each customer with warmth and friendliness and strive to create that feeling in our facilities and community. We do this through personal contact, listening carefully, prompt responses, fairness, and empathy for the customer's situation.

Customer Focus

Our customers are Parker residents, visitors, and all those who use our facilities, services and programs. We treat our co-workers as customers. We are entrusted with the opportunity to provide vital public services; we are dedicated to meeting or exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

Focus on Problem Solving

The goal of every employee is to help our customers solve problems. We look for opportunities to help people and then act to follow through. We take the initiative to continually improve our service and operations. Complaints are viewed as opportunities to improve our service.

Personal Responsibility

We follow up on our commitments and take personal responsibility for our customers. We identify ourselves when responding to customers. We offer all available information in a timely manner and suggest options and alternatives whenever possible. We own problems and complaints rather than hand them off. If a referral needs to be made to address an issue, we follow through to make sure the customer gets what they need.

Working as a Team

We work together to serve our customers, solve problems and work out issues. We understand and value the importance of information sharing and communication. We know that being a part of the team means being respectful and helpful to all team members. We cooperate and collaborate with other governmental agencies and community organizations to provide resources to our customers.


We believe it is important to be consistent when delivering customer service. We answer all customer contacts within one business day whenever possible. When additional time is required to adequately respond to a customer concern, we respond to advise them of a timeline for resolution. We know that providing the same quality of customer service to the customer is important every time we come in contact with any customer.