Teen Court Process

The purpose of Teen Court is to hold the juvenile accountable for his/her actions, to repair the harm caused by the offense and to help the juvenile become a positive participant in their community.

In order to qualify for the Teen Court program, the following criteria must be met:

  • The juvenile must accept full responsibility for the incident
  • This must be the juvenile’s first offense
  • You cannot have charges in any other jurisdiction (traffic tickets do not count)

Failure to meet the criteria above will disqualify the defendant’s case from Teen Court.

Parker Teen Court has two sentencing procedures: trials and peer panels. The Teen Court Coordinator determines which procedure is appropriate for each case. Typically, you can expect Panels to be reserved for those in Middle School and Trials to be reserved for those in High School. 

Please note that:

  • Defendants and parents/guardians will schedule the hearing date and time with the Teen Court Coordinator; typically via email with paperwork being signed and sent back to the Coordinator.
  • The $30 Fee is due within the first 14 days after the panel/trial.
  • Scheduled events typically begin at or after 5pm to accommodate for work and school schedules. All scheduled events take place at Town Hall, 20120 E. Mainstreet. 
  • A parent/guardian must accompany the defendant at Teen Court appearances
  • Sentencing is determined by trained student volunteers;
  • All sentencing include community service (volunteering for a non-profit-charitable organization) and jury duty (performed on similar cases in Teen Court); Jury duty includes sitting on panels and as juror on trials.
  • Other possible sentencing options include, but are not limited to: letters of apology, Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC), random drug testing, essays, ride alongs with the Parker Police Department, MADD Impact Panels, and Empowerment classes for both middle school and high school;
  • The defendant has three months from the hearing date to complete the sanctions.
  • Email is our primary form of communication.

All of the information gathered by Teen Court and obtained at Teen Court hearings is treated as confidential.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Carolyn Sheridan
Teen Court Coordinator
Email Carolyn Sheridan